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Sirenelor Apartment

București, România
Authors: arch. Silvia Coman, arch. Elena-Roxana Jipa / Lime Studio
Collaborators: Fotograf Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

Designing an apartment in a combination of styles is a challenge in the context of current trends. Therefore, in the Sirenelor Apartment we have put together design elements of the XIXth century on a background of brightly colored and well lit surfaces. Our goal was to achieve a style characterized by simplicity that integrates the comfort of a home into an original palette of colors. The wide window, present in the dining area, brings in the light and the urban nature that creates the feeling of space and a changing background that makes its presence felt right from the entrance. The tropical turquoise of the sofa is an accent and a contrast element for the white furniture surfaces, and the geometric carpet gives the feeling of a graphic work. The budget and the client’s desired atmosphere incorporates subtle iconic pieces such as vintage chairs used in the dining area. The kitchen, slightly decorated in colorful gray shades combines vintage with contemporary, light with dark shades, hard materials, raw materials with warm materials. The bedroom is the only space in which the walls are a different color, as a background for the main elements.

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