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Espace Labyrinthe Paris 61A
  • Nomination for the “Interior Design / Corporate office and Retail space Design” section

Espace Labyrinthe Paris 61A

Authors: arh. Elena-Roxana Jipa, arh. Silvia Coman
Lime Studio

Fotograf: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The linear and monochrome design inspired by the sobriety of the entire building represents a perfect background for elegant brass inserts, and makes way for a personal touch of every hosted event. The essence of Art Deco is captured in a modern, contemporary concept that creates intriguing contrasts. Espace Labyrinthe is a multifunctional space for events, exhibits, pop-up stores and more, being part of the Labyrinthe Paris 61A concept, a multi-leveled sensorial experience supported by a clean, elegant design, natural elements intertwined for obtaining a spectacular space defined as a labyrinth.

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