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Urban housing scenarios – Urban Residence

Urban housing scenarios – Urban Residence

Authors: arh. Ștefan Alberto Bianco, arh. Cătălina Nechifor, arh. Alice Straton
Firm: ProGraphic

Authors’ Comment

The urban built environment in the big cities does not simultaneously satisfy the need for space with the central position and the accessibility of social-cultural services.
Thus, more and more of us find ourselves in the situation of being forced to organize essential functions in limited spaces, which require flexible solutions, with a high degree of optimization over time.
At the same time, the appetite for personalizing the spaces in which we live and with which we have contact even for a few hours has increased, even more so in the current context. Now more than ever we are witnessing a fusion between previously clearly defined areas : the private and the professional space, the day and night area, spaces in which the symbolic state prevails versus their utility.
The interior proposals are designed to suit users who first of all want spaces with character, which will graphically express their personality, but which at the same time satisfy the functions strictly necessary for urban living. In the presented images we explored several configurations of different housing units: a Studio, a 1-bedroom apartment and a 2-bedroom apartment, starting from the projection of the identity of users with different concerns and sensibilities.

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