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Avra Aesthetic Institute

București, România
Authors: arch. Elena-Roxana Jipa, arch. Silvia Coman / Lime Studio
Collaborators: Fotograf: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

Starting from the idea of spatial complementarity, every corner, wall or ceiling of the Institute of Aesthetics suggests the idea of an infinite space, a space divided into modules. The simple, clean and repetitive design of the treatment rooms creates the illusion of a vast background. The space as a whole breathes elegance not by being pretentious but through the charm of its simplicity and minimalism. Pastel colors and natural or artificial lights used to soften the harsh lines of the space structure lines characteristic of the art-deco era. Along with the sweet, soothing colors, the light that invades the space highlights rich color elements such as the existing reconditioned hardwood floor or furniture pieces and decoration.
The simple and neutral design of the treatment rooms invites to relaxation while the common areas intersect the continuity of the space by changing the design registry. What has so far been the overall background, becomes an accent and an almost out of this world focal point in the common areas.

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