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Design of F offices

Design of F offices

Authors: arh. Ștefan Alberto Bianco, arh. Teodora Cîrlea, arh. Angela Dumitrescu
Firm: Prographic

Authors’ Comment

The beneficiary of the project, a company producing chocolate-based products, wanted to redesign and expand the existing headquarters. The challenge of this project was to achieve a mediation between the two initially completely different spaces, integrating them and offering a unitary design by partially replacing the finishes.
At the level of the design, warm colors, gold accents and wood cladding predominate, which is in contrast with cold shades of apparent concrete, gray finishes and punctual, black metallic accents.
The circulation areas have a special design, the colored stripes with different thicknesses following the direction of the circulations and inflection points being inspired by the layers of ingredients from the company's products, thus marking the main corridors and having the role of unifying the existent with the new.
At the reception level, they wanted to create an area to represent the brand, an impactful area, in the middle of which is the reception desk inspired by one of their famous products.
The meeting rooms were customized, each being assigned a product from the brand's portfolio, therefore the finishes, lighting fixtures and furniture were adapted according to the product.
Throughout the space, dynamic lines predominate, the contrast between cold and warm shades, but also between the types of textures chosen.

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