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Flacara Apartment

Flacara Apartment

Authors: arh.Silvia Olteanu, arh.Elena-Roxana Jipa
Firm: Lime Studio

Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The 67 sqm apartment is located in one of the residential areas of Calarasi and integrates the client’s concept, a pharmacist, towards cleanliness and nature.
In a time when we worry daily about our health, the most important space becomes the bathroom. In this apartment the use of white tiles was intentional so that any trace of dirt could be as visible as possible so as to be cleaned efficiently. The same color principle was applied throughout the apartment where large, smooth, white surfaces allow quick and efficient cleaning.
Based on the principle that sunlight and fresh air keeps us healthy, in this apartment, in addition to the emphasis on light, both natural and artificial, a ventilation and air filtering system was installed. This system has many advantages from automatic ventilation to helping the air conditioner operate more efficiently in summer time, by keeping the cool air inside and the heat outside.
In these recent times, the following question popped up: How do we keep our space clean? There are materials we can use that are more hygenic. The quartz used in this apartment in the kitchen for the worktop area, is one of the hardest non-precious stones and therefore it is hard, stain and scratch-resistant, and the most sanitary. For the bathroom countertops and for decorative elements in the kitchen, we used bamboo wood, a material that also stops the development of bacteria and microorganisms.
During quarantine we realized what is really necessary for our comfort at home. Clutter can cause anxiety and discomfort, two things that you don`t want in times like these. That is why for the apartment in Calarasi we used spacious storage along the entire length of the hall with clearly separate spaces for objects used daily and periodically. All the storage spaces were designed as closed so that there were fewer spaces to clean daily.
The light colors and natural materials used in this apartment, white with sage green accents, oak and bamboo wood provide a relaxing atmosphere, inspire calm, cleanliness and order. When we are surrounded by uncertainties, a clean and simple interior represents an escape and gives you a sense of security and calm.
Moreover, when we spend so much time at home, the space tends to feel smaller, suffocating even. In this case, an interior based mainly on white gives the impression of a larger and brighter space.
An important element in this design was choosing quality over quantity. Without too many decorations or objects, the space stands out through the quality of the materials. From the ventilation system, ceramic tiles and wooden surfaces to the front door and lighting fixture, all were chosen not only for their simple design and clean appearance but also to last as long as possible.
Finally, we can say that in the Flacara apartment the choice in design, although mainly functional, also presents a quality aesthetic that lays the foundations for a space that inspires calm and safety, a house that a person can later transform into a home.

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