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Filaret House

Filaret House

Authors: arh. Alexandra-Diana Saptelei

Structure project: ing. Vlad Petrescu
Design interior : Studio2.1 arh. Cristina Caradim, arh. Radu Caradim

Authors’ Comment

Building something new in the center of the capital, more specific in one of the protected areas, of the capital, comes with some huge challenges, both from the perspective of fitting into the specific regulations, as well as from the harmonious integration into the existing urban context. The project started with the purchase of the land, a total area of ​​approximately 500 square meters, which is the result of joining 2 smaller plots, after the demolish of some old preexisting wagon-type buildings . What gives this project extra charm is the location, a land totally different from most plots in the center: on a slope and adjacent to a large green area. It was desired to build a modern house, for a young family with two children, which would make the most of the location, but offer all the spaces necessary for good functioning. The ground floor includes the living area, with its specific functions and has a direct opening to the courtyard, and the first floor represents the night area, where the master suite is preferentially oriented towards the pool and the garden, and the children's rooms towards the street.