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The metamorphosis of an ignored house

The metamorphosis of an ignored house

Authors: Arh. Madalina Elena Toma, Arh. Laura Cristina Vulpe
Firm: Birou Individual de Arhitectura Toma Elena Madalina

Structure project: ing. Cristian Petcu
Client: Monica Jantea; Bogdan Jantea

Authors’ Comment


On Garofiței Street, near Bazilescu Park in Bucharest, an apparently unworthy house weathered by time has been brought back to life and turned into a small gem, its distinctive elements being rejuvenated and transposed into a contemporary image.
With a great deal of help from dedicated and passionate people, the house, with its modest story but a new appearance, greets the viewer through the perspective of the street's volume, clad in exposed brickwork originating from sliced ceramic blocks. The rear area of the building harmoniously complements the main access area, through the minimalist treatment of the facades and, at the same time, through its contrast.
The contrast of this construction is also emphasized by the two types of roofing – the hip roofed street-facing area extends to a roof terrace, where the seemingly delicate silhouette of an old greenhouse arises, which the authors aimed to highlight.
The greenhouse crowns the residence, becoming an oasis of relaxation for the family members, serving as the "surprise element" for anyone visiting this location.
The ground floor accommodates both the living area and the sleeping area, which extends to the upper level, replacing the former attic. The storage spaces and a small wine cellar are placed in the basement of the house.
The memory of the place is gracefully marked by the adorned backyard fence with elements saved from the original furniture.
Through this project, the main goal was to rescue a forsaken house with its own personality and hidden beauty.