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Comarnic House
  • Nomination for the “Built Architecture / Individual House Architecture” section

Comarnic House

Authors: arh. Calin Radu, arh. Dan Enache, arh. Andrei Alexa, arh. Alice Ionita
Firm: LAMA Arhitectura

Structure project: ing. Ana-Maria POPA (DCTS Structuri SRL)
Builder: ing. Bogdan Rosu (REDCONS2000 SRL)
Photo: Arthur ZINZ

Authors’ Comment

The concept for this house is very simple: we wanted to make a house as well integrated as possible in the site and in the mountain landscape, and because the site was a beautiful green hill, we decided to divide the house into two main parts: the living area and the night area . Thus, the evening area is practically a stone box buried in the hill, and the day area is a wooden house placed over the stone box. Both solutions are in itselfs examples of ecological houses, thermall efficient and with minimal energy consumption.
We took over the local finishes specific to the Prahova Valley area:
1_The Comarnic stone with which finishes the stone box volume embedded in the hill.
2_Natural pine wood, perforated at the top with motifs from 19th century Victorian Architecture.