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Vila M

Vila M

Authors: arh. Bogdan Neagu
Firm: NBC Arhitect

Arhitectura: arh. Alex Radut, arh. Dana Stanciucu, arh. Mihai Frentescu, arh. Iulian Arbanas, arh. Dorin Brinaru ;
Structure project: DC STRUCTURI ;
plumbing: ALYATES DESIGN ;
Builder: RALBI development ;
Photo: arh. Andrei Margulescu

Authors’ Comment

Villa M is a high end residential home on the bank of Lake Mogosoaia and was designed to meet the privacy and status of a family with high standards.
The buildings outer shell and the distribution of the interior and exterior spaces were based on withdrawing from the street and opening up towards the lake area. Thus, the main façade is greatly detached from the main street area with a grand yard and multiple vertical water fountains and at the entrance a monumental sculpture. The private courtyard is positioned at a demi-basement, dug out in the slope of the site, with a pavilion and a firepit located at the sites limit near the lake.
Functional the spaces are distributed on four levels, with common and leisure areas, including a hobby room, pool area, living and dining area, prayer room, kitchen and sleeping quarters each having it’s own bathroom, dressing and terrace. The forth floor is a penthouse.