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The House in the Grove

The House in the Grove

Authors: arh. Karin Serban, arh. Andrei Serban
Firm: ArhiDinamiK

Structure project: ing. Nicolae Balica
Client: familia Melinceanu
Photo: ArhiDinamiK

Authors’ Comment

The Sanctity of Nature. The theme imposed by the client, starting from the choice of the land in a very tranquil community located on the edge of the forest.
The land allows for the development of the entire main apartment at ground level and the creation of a private courtyard that will over time transform into an inspirational oasis for reconnecting with nature. The simplicity of the composition emphasises the central axis of transition from urban to rustic, from the profane to the sanctity of nature. The spatial path begins at the main entrance carved in the geometric, modern facade of the house, cutting off the urban interaction and entering the buffer space of the reception area. Inside, the space expands with the classical volume of a basilica, the axis leading to the covered terrace and the courtyard that seeks integration with the peace and harmony of nature. The courtyard's focal point is the outdoor fire pit, oriented towards the east in harmony with the theme.