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Stone house
  • Nomination for the “Portfolio Architecture / Residential Architecture” section

Stone house

Authors: arh. Gabriel-Andrei Alexoiu, arh. Alexandra-Cristiana Comănici, arh. Bianca-Maria Păun
Firm: Conic Design Studio S.R.L.

Authors’ Comment

When the stone house became too small for the needs of its users, its expansion became a priority, and the intervention had to be carried out in accordance with the existing materials.
The stone house was a holiday home for a young couple for a long time, but with the passage of time, they wanted to transform it into a semi-permanent home.
The beneficiaries wanted the original space sheltered by the stone house to become the living room, and to expand separately with the night area. In order to still be able to easily use the two spaces during the winter, we proposed expanding the home according to the needs of the beneficiaries, but closing the porch with wooden panels that can be opened during the summer.
The materiality not only achieves a harmonious dialogue with the natural environment, but also suggests the function by differentiating the space, the day area being made of stone and the night area, made of brick and wood. The porch becomes versatile, opaque when the sun's rays are strong and permeable in contact with the courtyard when the sunlight diminishes.