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Houses within the landscape

Houses within the landscape

Authors: arh. Radu Tîrcă, arh. Ștefania Tîrcă, arh. Radu Florian Mihai
Firm: atelier govora

Authors’ Comment

Continuing the series of projects that work with the landscape and are a modest presence within the landscape, the study proposes two dwellings developed on a steeply sloping site. The site is located on one of the most beautiful hilly areas of Râmnic Vâlcea, with a view of the Olt river as its main orientation and surrounded by the natural landscape. The spatial stake was the opening towards the landscape and the water, the dwelling being created on a single longitudinal axis, emphasizing the relationship with the outside. The premise was a simple one: that the landscape should coincide with all the main spacesvof the house: from the entrance to the last living room, forming a series of successive frames.
The house sits on a strong base generated by the shape of the relief, supporting a light wooden structure. The two parts are differentiated by natural materials, in keeping with the atmosphere of the surrounding context: wood and stone.
At the same time it should be mentioned that this study was developed over a long period of time. We considered it necessary to join the final version with one of the study variants resulting from discussions with the beneficiary. The two develop along the same lines, structured by the idea of orientation towards the water, using the same range of materials. The research was rather formal, i.e. the search for a silhouette and spaces as well calibrated as possible.