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Villa K16

București, România
Author: arch. Daniel Ciocăzanu / DOOI STUDIO
Collaborators: arh. Costin Beekman
foto-Cosmin Dragomir

Authors’ Comment

Since the beginning, together with the owners, we realized fancy sensitive architecture, where light leads, the type that knows how to sense topography, that blends with reality brought by IT, built in harmony with their time. We wanted to erect the new building in its existent structure and framework, in the unique site it lays upon. Its fine character has helped define our attitude towards the project.
Our main interest was how the building settles in time: one the one hand, we looked to reveal and elongate the history of the place, to discover its rhythm in order reinvent and retain it without trace. Hence, the project became synonym with conversion of the shifts that existed, in order to allow a proper historic site reading.
The outer and inner shells were dealt with simultaneously with the architecture. In this project we realized that functions have become simple and the owner, having a deep respect regarding this place, has easily accepted the sufficient preexistent volume, without further extension.
Besides its story, the project is a gift that the owner, the master of the place, gives to the city, the travelers and beauty beholders.

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