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Athénée Palace Hilton

București, România
Author: arch. Daniel Ciocăzanu / DOOI STUDIO
Collaborators: arh. Miruna Pavoni
Kino Studio Răzvan Teodoropol
foto-Arthur Tintu

Authors’ Comment

"Glamour, Velours, Déco..."
Athenee Palace - both a luxury hotel and historic monument - once the most notorious caravanserai throughout whole Europe..., the meeting place for continental spies, political conspirators, travelers, adventurers, concession hunters and financial jugglers (as noted by E.L. Easterman, 1945), has thoroughly survived the previous century while it continues to inspire still, besides housing both comfort and luxury clientage. The room design brings forward „ relaxed luxury ", typical for a new generation of travelers. Its beauty does not reside in the number of details but in their delicacy and rarity. Honoring the Art-Deco style and being inspired by the glamorous styles of the caravanserai, the subtle yet fine and chaste decorations inflect with sand like and iridescent tones, charcoal and blue, revealed by fine lines and details from the brushed brass, with bedside lamps containing papyrus shades. An interior scenery that honors the place and its history.

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