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JC House

București, Romania
Authors: arch. Eliodor Streza, arch. Monica Butnaru / Plus Line Design
Collaborators: Structură: ing. Lucian Rozorea (Rozini SRL)
Instalații: ing. Florin Rășanu (Tesael SRL)
Constructor: Alma Grup Construct

Authors’ Comment

The topography places the house between two blind walls, which divides the space into two yards: access front yard and private, landscaped backyard. A third “courtyard” is created indoors, beneath the staircase. This empty space stretches to the width and height of the house, from wall to wall and has an oversized skylight providing ample light.
This skylight also provides passive ventilation through an electric controlled window.
With energy efficiency in mind, the house is insolated by a 15-centimeter stone wool layer and the west facing facade (towards the backyard) is protected against the sun by a concrete console and wooden pergola and sunshades. These passive systems, which reduce energy consumption, are complemented by the solar panels and the floor radiant heat.
Wood plating can be found on the East facade as well as indoors (hard wood flooring is raised on the walls) for a warm, natural atmosphere. The yards have been landscaped with various plants types, with varying blooming seasons to provide a beautiful landscape year-round.
The core principles of this project are the connection to nature (in an urban setting with limited available lot) and energy efficiency.

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