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Paris Residence

Tunari, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Bogdan Andrei Fezi / S.C. Arcvision S.R.L.
Collaborators: arh. Ioana Moraru

Authors’ Comment

The housing estate consists of 12 dwellings coupled two by two, with access from a low traffic alley.
The architectural approach aims to solve the imposed charges. The small size is counterbalanced by the outwards opening created by the angle windows, the double window orientation of the living room and the open staircase. The lack of a double height ceiling is balanced by the architectural route created by crossing the ground floor and by the staircase placed in the same direction. Although the dwelling has no balconies, the upstairs French windows, make the connection with the outside. The first floor turns into a cantilever, to protect the accesses. Wood siding highlights the receded ground floor. The water drainage gutters of the ventilated roof are mounted recessed from the façade, ensuring good ice melt and a surface reduction of the standing seam roof.
Particular attention was paid to the search for diversity of the ensemble, although the modules represented by two coupled dwellings are identical. By differentiating the roof and by mirroring the modules, the central alley becomes a space of dialogue between dwellings with various personalities.

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