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CONCRETE - my world (making of)

Author: arch. Ioana Țurcanu

Authors’ Comment

An important element to underline in the architectural approach is that through the perpetual attempts to design a project, it is not just the design of spaces but the creation of places.
With the desire to find new methods, new tools to innovate and progress, we may perhaps forget that a different approach is to look at the resources we already have.
Thus, the framework created by new technologies has deepened the gap between the analytical side and the poetic side of architecture, a goal that the integrated design tries to shrink. Designing a sensory space may involve exploring the possibilities, a continuous process between creation and experiment, necessary in all arts.
Thus, we chose a material used so often in construction, CONCRETE to explore its possibilities. Thus, through a series of joining various types between concrete and other materials, we have opened another path to handling a material that delimits the spaces that we create.

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