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București, România
Authors: arch. Justin Baroncea, arch. Ștefan Păvăluță, arch. Mihai Barbu, arch. Ioana Trușcă / Justin Baroncea, Ștefan Păvăluță, Mihai Barbu, Ioana Trușcă

Authors’ Comment

Shelves, shelves, a break, shelves.
Printers, printers, printers, banners, meshes.
Computers, stacks of computers.
Cases. Cases. Black cases. Ha! We need these. We don't know why. We put them aside.
Bags with plastic and metal parts, a mix. Shanty Paradise. Grey, grey, grey, green, yellow. We put them aside again, we need those too.
What's colorful is precious, it will serve us well as an accent!
In march we started an interior design project for the new production space fo those from 'Ateliere fara Fronitere'. At the same time, we were working at the workshop, reception and store area for REMESH and UP CYCLE.
It was all projected and designed using recycled or recovered materials: chairs, drawers, tables.
Lamps made out of printer and fax parts and computer cases.
'Countertop on sources' - a reception desk built out of recoveret drawers, sources and sheets of painted MDF. An object that crosses the entrance space and tranforms from a reception into an info point and a cash desk. The front is tiled with black cases on which TRSC has drawn the story that generated the place.
The fans are still spinning, even if the helicopters are not flying. Yet!

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