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112 Coffeehouse

Targu-Mures, jud. Mureș, România
Author: arch. Ștefan Păvăluță / VINKLV
Collaborators: Foto: George Negrea

Authors’ Comment

Targu-Mures, the Palace of Culture ensemble. Ground floor of the former Mures Pensions House, Viennese secession-style architecture, historic B class.
A facade divided into three vertical registers, preserves the old carpentry of the building and allows for a visible interior-exterior connection.
Both entrances are preserved and the facade becomes a mediation element. The interior consists of 2 spaces connected through a wall that joins the facade. The passage between them leaves the inner shell of the front, free. The access level is at the floor level. The rooms become a pocket to the street.
The first and the smallest room hosts the reception, the espresso bar and the rest of the accessories, a storage behind the retrobar and one with a level above, represented by the height of the access tower, veneered with wood.
Continuing a façade language and interior elements distinct to the secession period - the walls' plaques, the different chromaticity between the finishes, the common element here is a frame module, divided into three horizontal registers, which solve the connection with each plane of the space.

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