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AP_AVP:Boots, mugs and spices

București, România
Authors: arch. Radu Enescu, arch. Ștefan Păvăluță, arch. Mihai Barbu, arch. Justin Baroncea / Pandapanda
Collaborators: Desene Lămpi VI_IT: Ioana Trușcă
Foto: Radu Malașincu

Authors’ Comment

From the entrance, one can see light coming through the doorless void of the living room, reflecting into the while pannels of the hallway and from them into the mirror by the bedroom door.
White pannels close up the hallway on the access side and integrate, besides the entrance door, the laundry doors, the storage spaces and the pantry. On the opposite side, a single long piece of furniture includes a bench, the shoe storage, the storage for the vacuum cleaner, brooms and detergents, and towards the end it holds plates, glasses and condiments. In the kitchen space, the furniture 'rises', making place for the folding walnut table.
The door of the cleaning utensils storage space is at the same time the kitchen door. A walnut countertop integrates the kitchen devices, except for the fridge. In the living room, besides the couch, the only important piece of furniture is a parquet bench that contains the entire sound system. The library unfolds on the walls of the reccess created as a result of closing the balcony.
Instead of a conclusion: a parquet bench and furniture that spreads all over the walls can make the doors disappear.

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