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  • Nomination for the “Interior Design” section

Twominutes coffee shop

București, România
Authors: arch. Ștefan Păvăluță – proiectant, arch. Mihai Barbu – proiectant / pandapanda
Collaborators: Radu Malasincu (foto)

Authors’ Comment

The space is missing - 4sqm in total, serving and working area. At a former LOTTERY point, overlooking Elefterie Park, we have finalized perhaps the smallest specialty coffee shop in Europe.
The ground floor of the interwar block is completed by the new function. The old marble finish is continued in the same language. The facade retains its two glazing bars. An entrance and a quick service to the glass, maybe even the first in Bucharest. Access to the old mosaic step, recovered at the site. The "kitchen" theory of the street was continued in a similar design. But in this case, completely open. A section through a closet. The furniture is a single piece that fits over the interior walls, and incorporates all the functional and storage elements into the "bark". Goes out of the window, supports the espresso, turns into a bank and dissolves in hanger elements. It continues on the wall, turns into storage elements and dissolves in the menu and graphic design.
The barrier between barista and client disappears. Interaction is not done at the common table, but in the common bar. The "architecture" behind the espresso machine is visible, open to the pavement.

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