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București, România
Authors: arch. Ștefan Păvăluță – sef proiect, arch. Mihai Barbu, arch. Justin Baroncea, arch. Ioana Trușcă – grafician / pandapanda
Collaborators: fotografii: Radu Malasincu

Authors’ Comment

Ion. Ion is the artisan behind the coffee, on str. Constantin Aricescu no.50. Before Bucharest, he was barista in Toronto, Berlin, Reykjavik, Barcelona. All these steps have been translated into B.O.B story, drawn with chalk on the inner wall by Ioana.
The space is positioned perpedicular to the street, developed lengthwise. 90% of wide open to the street. Access to a single step-bench. The solution was a result of the position and the geometry of space: the interior completely open to the sidewalk - a "room" to which you have access from the street. In the design process we have relied on interaction with the man who makes coffee and says the stories.The linking element to all the facts: the common table. The Espresso bar continues with the customer table, with seating on both sides. The key element works in two ways: once people interacting with each sitting at a table and have the opportunity to see the "architecture" behind espresso machine.The finishes out of plywood wall are functional. In length, they translate into bar tables and filters for radiators and windows. On the short side service includes access to the spaces and storage module, sink, water heater, dishwasher.

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