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Labirint Concept Store

București, România
Authors: arch. Ștefan Păvăluță – proiectant, arch. Mihaela Bordeianu – proiectant / MBSP
Collaborators: Radu Malasincu (foto)

Authors’ Comment

Izvor station. A big house, a green field, Dambovita river and meters of built front. In this order, a "cavity" appears.
A court for a house in the city. LABIRINT concept store. Meters of concrete fence are transformed into a graphic story, by IRLO - the first layer. The following functional layers relates to the composition of space - the basement (bike store and gallery), ground floor (cafe, reception, sneaker store), attic (clothes and accessories).
Downstairs, the basic idea of intervention: artificial horizons. Each room is assigned its own level of "horizon", with different roles.
The hallway linking the rooms retains the role of transition through white finish, including the floor. This role is reinforced by the luminaire, directed in four "points" that indicate the main areas of activity in the house.
In warmer seasons, the yard will be open on both sides, through the two acces gates, to the city. Thus, the private space will become a public, offered to the city. This detail allows a shortcut between the Izvor area and Cismigiu, a higher transit by the store space and by the terrace that will be arranged.

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