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A place in Sibiu

Sibiu, jud. Sibiu, România
Authors: arch. Ștefan Păvăluță, arch. Radu Malașincu / VINKLV

Authors’ Comment

"A place in the sibiu"
Our intent was to try to get as much as possible, with as few gestures as possible. Thus, we have proposed a single clear object to mark the place already created by the movement of "we will see from the sibiu". The bank proposed by us stays in this place trying to create a meeting cell to the Brukenthal high school courtyard, but reporting it by positioning in the plan at the front of the front of the building where the P.S.D. The shape and movement of this element is given both by the position of the existing trees and by the two boundaries on the long sides of the proposed area (the "hard" boundary, the front of the building towards the "weak" boundary materialized by the transparent fountain level). I tried to preserve the intact character of the space and the intervention to be less invasive. The only additional "accessory" is lighting pillars that are actually more of the signal polarization role.

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