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Scena9 Residence / Contemporary Art Restaurant

București, România
Authors: arch. Justin Baroncea, arch. Ioana Trușcă / Justin Baroncea, Ștefan Păvăluță, Mihai Barbu, Ioana Trușcă

Authors’ Comment

Leaf-themed wallpaper in the attic of a monument building. If it's a monument, you can't change anything, it there's a wallpaper, there's not much you can exhibit on it. At the ground floor, dados and stoves, in the attic wallpaper, in the basement plaster with devious outlines, an amalgam of original arches and ceramic scenographies.
Design for the FOCUS exhibition, 10 cities, 10 curators. Selection - Suzana Dan. A given for the design process: to not interfere with the structure of the monument. 'Black box' at the ground floor. A house within a house. A structure within a structure, wood near the stove.
We avoided closing the original structure in the new exhibition system.We did not cover the wallpaper, we did not get near the walls, we didn't hang anything on the structure of the attic.
The exhibition system: self bearing pannels, with a lamelar wood structure.
Grey paint on the outside, white paint in the center. On site, agitation and multiple requirements from the curators.
Minimal interventions that leave the floor to the exhibited works. Installations, drawing, sculpture. We'll leave the works tell their own stories. To each space its city and its story.
All interventions completely reversible, 80% reusable and remountable.

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