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National Museum of Romanian Literature

București, România
Authors: arch. Constantin Goagea, arch. Justin Baroncea / Zeppelin
Collaborators: Desin expozițional: Mihai Barbu, Ioana Trușcă, Mihaela Butoi, Mihaela Corina Dobre, Andreea Pîrvu, Alex Ivanof, Cristina Ginara, Doriana Mărășoiu, Eliza Cernătescu, Alex Condrea
Grafic Design: Radu Manelici, Ioan Olteanu (Faber Studio)
Documentare: Andreea Ilinca
Programare: Adrian Claudiu Covaci
Instalații interactive: Ioana Calen, Paul Popescu, Matei Popescu, Ana Cârlan, Răzvan Petre (Modulab)
Video Editare: Mugur Grosu
Producție: Urban Paint
Lumini: Vem Lighting
Fotografii: Radu Malașincu

Authors’ Comment

National Museum of Romanian Literature is just reopened after more than two years of pilgrimage. The house that is now hosting the museum has a decorated, eclectic architecture from the beginning of the 20th century.
The project proposed by the Zeppelin team was based on the idea of a thematic structure for the whole museum content, and the adaptation of those themes to the specific typology of spaces. In brief, the museum is settled upon literary genres: the ground floor is dedicated to the poetry, the first floor to the prose and literary criticism, and the attic is dedicated to the theatre. The main idea was that the proposed themes are facilitating connections and literary references in the visitors’ mind, thus explaining certain creative mechanisms from the art of writing.
Even if there is a museum dedicated to literature, and the visitors are expecting to find here manuscripts and books exposed in showcases, the museum experience is a more complex one, based on video projections, interactive installations, digital accessibility to a broader information about authors, styles, artistic movements, through the archives of sounds, or fragments of theatre.

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