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RE-KUL: fortified balcanic architecture of the 18th century - research center

Authors: Ioana Hură

Îndrumători: lect. dr. arh. Vlad Thiery, asist. dr. arh. Sebastian Stan, ing. Mădălin Coman

Authors’ Comment

Re-Kul symbolizes an alarm signal and a base of recommendations designed to help in the turn-over and re-integration of tower dwellings. The value of this architecture lies in its uniqueness - both at the global level, through the peculiarities of the tower housing, as well as at the local level through the specific character of the Oltenia and Muntenia culas. By creating a touring route, Romania could become an important center and one of the main stopping points alongside other countries (eg. Albania, Bulgaria). The project is divided into two components: a museum and a research and restoration center meant to educate on the phenomenon.