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Research and conservation spaces_Coliboaia cave

Research and conservation spaces_Coliboaia cave

Authors: arh. Cosmin Tiberiu Scorcealof

Îndrumători: șef Lucr. dr. arh. Vladimir Nicula dr. ing. Mădălin Coman

Authors’ Comment

Located in the biggest carstic complex, Coliboaia Cave hosts one of the oldest cave paintings in the world, over 35 000 years old. The project is desired to be a space for scientist and for people who are passionate, for the porpose of promoting an preserve this place. The building is actually a time capsule which hosts a replica of the Coliboaia Cave and other artefacts discovered there, generating the motivation to continue the research of the area. Also, the building represent a meeting place for people who want to learn more about this or even for students, because there are some spaces for workshops, presentations or even a specialised library. The scientiats will have spaces for data research, preserve the artefacts discovered there and even can expose them in the exhibition area to promote the natural heritage. Also, the project will have a major impact in developing tourism in this area.