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PaRadiCon Studios

PaRadiCon Studios

Authors: Milena Popa

Îndrumători: Vladimir Obradovici

Authors’ Comment

The project considers the ideology that man is a complex, ever changing being, in close association with other people, with the nature and laws of it. Thus, the formation of creative, innovative, communicative, collaborative spirits becomes essential in order to adapt to today's society in the social, cultural and political context. The project aims to become an instrument of cultural education, a place of production, a common working space and the research of new tools for innovation. Moreover, it aims to become the instrument of knowing man by himself, by experimenting and implementing social interventions through art. Thus, the existence of a real beneficiary (Paradicon - represented by one person, closely linked and involved in performing arts, especially director and film) and a site owned by him, offers the possibility of applying on a smaller scale , phased, of the proposed instruments. The project aims to link the three types of institutions, namely, the idea of: ● Experimental school / alternative center / self-sustaining community, a platform that will give learners the opportunity to pragmatically apply what they have studied by organizing certain workshops / workshops, allowing each participant to make further use of the experience gained. ● Research - as an essential part of understanding the concepts and information that surrounds us. ● Production studio - based on the applicability of ideas, new technologies in the idea of ​​promoting innovation and giving participants the chance to experience, and participate actively in the process of knowledge. Hence, the concept underlying the structure of the project follows: RESEARCH-EXPERIENCE-RESEARCH-APPLICATION, as well as the acronym "Paradicon", resulting from the joining of the three types of philosophies: RADIcal Constructivist Paradigm