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The extension of the Sculpture Faculty

The extension of the Sculpture Faculty

Authors: arh. Maria Ghement

Îndrumători: Dr. Arh. Dorin Ștefan Adam

Authors’ Comment

The ideea of the project has come up while trying to find a way of preserving the traditional urban fabric of Central Bucharest from Griviței Road Protected Area. This could be done by adapting the existing built environment to the needs of the up –and- rising artistic community in the forementioned area.The layering system of the courtyards is a gesture of continuity brought to the dominant typology of plot occupation in the Central Area of Bucharest. The proposal unveils a series of 5 courtyards, visible or hidden from the street. They come as a natural addition to an existing circuit of courtyards that are already used by the Bucharest’s artistic community. The project’s main objective is to create a dialogue between the students and the City.This is done through the open-to-public exhibition spaces. Also, the project aims to meet the Faculty’s needs for new workshop spaces, both indoors and outdoors.