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Enescu Music Palace

Enescu Music Palace

Authors: arh. Gianina Toader

Arhitectură: Conf.Dr.Arh. Anca Mitrache
Structură: Lect.Dr.Ing. Vlad Petrescu

Authors’ Comment

Enescu Music Palace is located on Calea Victoriei, one of the most important avenues in Bucharest, representing the cultural axis of the city. The project consists of a concert hall and, more than that, a music venue. I tried to design a space that welcomes people to perform different activities throughout the day. The center offers music rooms where workshop can be organized or they can be rented for individual rehearsals. The concept was to create an open space, so the foyer is not just in front, but all around the concert hall, outlining the "music box". In my attempt to design this music venue, I maintain a respectful approach to the site that I have chosen, a site with a powerful cultural character.