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Nomination și Alukönigstahl Prize

The didactic farm. Horticulture and aquaculture research center. Completing the Marghiloman Estate

Authors: arh. Yasmin Asan

Îndrumători: Prof.Dr.Arh. Dorin Stefan, Conf.Dr.Arh. Iulius Cristea, Lect.Dr.Ing. Dragoș Marcu

Authors’ Comment

The objective is reanimating the Marghiloman Estate in the context of Hagiești’s local community. The estate preserves the manor and the church. Respect in front of these strong identities implies a hidden architecture of the anti-object. In order to complete the rural image where the manor lies alienated from the community, the project finds a solution inspired by camouflage architecture. The fast connection with Bucharest, the context of agrarian tradition and rethinking restoration as a process in revitalizing a community, are reasons to justify the didactic farm, specialized in horticulture and aquaculture. Acknowledging agriculture’s importance as means of life and main source of income for the locals, the farm promotes research in the agronomy field. The farm is dedicated to researchers with the purpose of exploring the sustainability of aquaculture and horticulture.