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Refugee accommodation - Student accommodation

Refugee accommodation - Student accommodation

Authors: arh. Laura Mazâlu

Îndrumători: arh. Vladimir Vinea

Authors’ Comment

The project is developed following, at the same time, two narrative threads: the refugees that have to be sheltered and integrated and the students that require spaces adapted to their needs since both have in common a transitionary character, therefore the problem of the interference between temporary and permanence would be translated through the architectural program. Following up on the context of a possible external funding, a collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest might be taken into consideration, as it may provide spaces for the usage of some activities that are part of the integration program in exchange of a later functional conversion of the center (as student housing) – a reversible process if needed. The building counts on the alternate between common and public spaces serving as a backing for the sociocultural interactions (within the center / the center and the city).