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impressions from ... inside

impressions from ... inside

Authors: arh. Sultana Creanga
s.c. S'ARH s.r.l.

Collaborators: executie structura lemn _ Ion Andreescu (Marius), executie mobilier_ Zoltan Galbovy (Galignum)

Authors’ Comment

a house, surrounded by vegetation and water, composed of: ** dark wood structure, designed to be visible indoors, profiled on the white surface of the walls ** windows, huge paintings that change their contours and colors with time, which were thought and positonate, from the moment of conception, in relation with the furniture , so that from any point of the house there is a visual relationship with the outside: _in the kitchen whose furniture includes, between the worktop and the suspended cabinets, the long windows oriented to the water eye and the lacustress terrace _in the living room, open to the hall and kitchen, with visual access to the exterior in three directions _in the bedroom where, in front of the matrimonial bed that is placed central , through the big window, the interior space is invaded by the fabulous pictures of the hillside landscape _in the bath, with the "buried" tub, whose surface continues imaginatively to the water eye, through the window that replaces the wall ** the floor made by black marble, stretching over almost the whole interior surface of the house, the exterior spaces being covered with black slate ** lighting - projectors, positioned so that, beyond the lighting necessary for the spaces, by indirect lighting, emphasize the succession of the double wooden beams that make up the roof structure ** the furniture, designed and chosen, with austere contours and materials, textures and colors of the house, to enhance the image of the wooden structure as follows: _the furniture in the interior kitchen, the cabinet positioned along the wall separating the living room hall and the dressing are cover of white veneer in whose texture the fladder appears discreetly _between the kitchen and the living room, the dining room _ the countertop witch is fixed by the the structure that separates those two spaces, in the bathroom _ the counter in the console on which the lavatory is attached, the frame of the mirror and the two shelves with thick square frames, and in the summer kitchen _ the blat work and drawers of the furniture built of brick, are made of layered wood, with the dark shades of the structure

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