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CMMT house

CMMT house

Authors: arh. Rucsandra Popescu

Collaborators: arh. Iulia Dinu, arh. Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

Layout T offers a high level of independence of functions, but most importantly, optimizes the opening of all spaces to the surroundings. Thus, the main hall is the articulation between the three wings of the house. The hallway's hallway joins the house from a social point of view with the neighborhood. The living room and the kitchen are integrated into a single space with large windows on three sides that extend to the terraces. Skylights bring amazing lights and shadows to space, always creating shifting images. The interior design is minimalistic, speculating the texture and intrinsic color of each material: concrete, wood, slate and the white of the walls is just the right balance for the black exterior.

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