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Graphite whisper

Graphite whisper

Authors: arh. Cristina Ionescu, arh. Radu Caradim, arh. Andreea Istrate, arh. Emanuel Budaies
Studio 2.1

Authors’ Comment

The project consisted of designing a 3-room apartment in the center of Bucharest for a young family. Our clients wanted an elegant, yet modern and also sober home with a few color accents, where natural textures and neutral colors are most important. One of the design challenges was to obtain enough storage without crowding the apartment. The result is a space of contrasts – we associated rough textures such as wood, concrete, and metal with precious textures like velvet, leather, and fenix. Another important element was the lighting project because we wanted to offer the opportunity to create different moods in every space and to emphasize certain materials through indirect light.

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