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Dragodanesti, jud. Dâmbovița, România
Author: arch. Sultana Creangă / s.c.S'ARH s.r.l.
Collaborators: structura: ing Nicolae Buznicea
instalatii: ing Cristian Nedelcu

Authors’ Comment

Another land: hills and hills covered with orchards and forests, isolated houses ...
Immense vegetation, a water eye and wood were the primordial ingredients.
The house is discreetly outlined in this miraculous atmosphere by:
_with a few horizontal accents of dark wood, like tree trunks,
_white walls which reflects the colors of the seasons,
_large window openings, which absorb the images and generate optical illusions, so the water-oriented spaces seem to float, while those on the opposite side appear to be invaded by vegetation.
The stylized archetypal image of a peasant house is given by:
_the wooden structure, which remains inside the home as an apparent lace, profiled on the luminous white of the walls,
_the porch of the house, which connects the summer kitchen with the lake gazebo,
_the summer kitchen itself, a place of the nostalgic scents of childhood.
_the array of rooms of the wagon-type house ... this time, oriented perpendicular to the porch :)
The construction, although human, lives in the symbiosis with the generous nature of the place, intersecting and mirroring each other .... to the happiness of those who live it ephemerally.

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