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Transilvaniei house
  • Nomination for the “Interior Design / Interior Residential Design” section

Transilvaniei house

Authors: arh. Călin Radu, arh. Dan Enache, arh. Alexandru Apostol
Lama Arhitectura

Confecții metalice: Glass Works SRL
Fotograf: Arthur Zinz

Authors’ Comment

The interior design continues and completes the architectural concept of the house, orchestrating its spatial relations. The orientation of the long white volume and specific opening towards the garden, are even more stressed by the interior staircase – the spine of the house- and the warm wooden dihedral angle that holds it, inviting you to take a specific route. The day area consists of the living and dining room, articulated by the center of the house, its heart – the transparent fireplace.Unlike the transparency and floaty feeling of the day area, the night area is dominated by a more solid, concealed look.

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