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Three Hearts

Three Hearts

Authors: arh. Vlad Bașcă

Design Adviser: Elena Bașcă
Design Adviser: Ioana Bașcă

Authors’ Comment

Three times “heart”- the center of life, the core soul of space and life has been the key aspect for the interior design concept of a three-room apartment situated near Politehnica Park, Bucharest. The process of maximizing profits and respecting the POT and CUT spawned another, similar three-room apartment, designed by minimum space requirements imposed by the dwelling-law. Trying to fulfil and honour our client’s demands, the design resides in the quality of space, making it as efficient as possible. Low areas and the client’s wishes have dictated a flexible design, meant for easy reconversion to other functions such as office-studio, or air-bnb. Our attention was drawn to the “core” of the apartment in order to design it as studio composed by the living-area, dining and the kitchen-bar. The apartment center is represented by the generous living room, that encourages communication and common activities between family-members and friends. The cromatics are inspired by scandinavian design: neutral tones of grey of the couch/floor and the white walls are carefully tinted by the color pallete of books, of the oak bar, of the chairs and accesories as yellow-mustard, black but as well as wooden oak accents of the floor. The light system has been chosen similar to the other rooms, light spots, lamps and led lights, have the role of completing the design, by accompanying natural light which thankfully resides abundent filling the entire space.

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