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S74 House

S74 House

Authors: arh.Miruna Pribeagu, arh.Vlad Ilie, arh.Gabriel Pribeagu, arh. Flavia Peșuc, arh.Andreea Pănescu, arh.Diana Pătrașcu
SC Reflex Architecture SRL

Furnizor ceramica:Diseno,
Executant mobila pe comanda: Fronte Group,
Furnizor mobila: The Home,
Furnizor corpuri de iluminat: Luminna

Beneficiar: Dna Ioana Szokoly

Authors’ Comment

The passion for travel and culinary art, elements that enrich the spirit and senses are the ingredients of the interior design of S74 House. We chose different bookcases, wich highlights every object and creates also a general picture of every space , filled with memories and stories . The new and old wooden vibrations in which to relax (the table, the chairs, the living room buffet), the accents to regenerate the space through the joy of color (the ceramic plates, the cotton textures of the sofa) and the vitality of nature (kitchen wallpaper, plants) make a mark in every room through shape, texture, light and color, thus defining the personality of the family.

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