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houses annex - household village

Dragodanesti, jud. Dâmbovița, România
Author: arch. Sultana Creangă / s.c.S'ARH s.r.l.
Collaborators: structura: ing. Nicolae Buznicea
instalatii: ing. Cristian Nedelcu
executie structura lemn: s.c. ARCCAD s.r.l.
... si nu in ultimul rand -executie si fotografii: proprietarul

Authors’ Comment

The two houses annex arose out from the need of temporary sheltering for guests, caretakers and even the owner's family, till the execution of main house (whose spaces does not permit additional hosting).
By compactness, simple volumetric, with the roof in two waters, oriented to the midline of box assembly and colors: white - walls and black - carpentry, window sills, floors and wooden structure (apparent inside), was chased a discreet construction, landscape is "the main character" in this story.
Spectacular exterior space is reflected and merges with the interior space of room, through a large window showcase, built on three sides. And horizontal wood slats, that bordered the terrace right - left, is able to pass gradual visual from outside to inside.
For general lighting are used small projectors, fixed on exposed beams, that capitalize, in the same time, the plasticity of the apparent structure and outdoor lighting is also provided of the light globes, fixed to the ground, that emphasizes volumetric houses and vegetation.

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