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700 Fit Club

București, România
Authors: Radu Călin, Carmen Orzea, Iuliana Dinca / Picktwo Studio

Authors’ Comment

700 FIT CLUB is one of the top health and fitness clubs from Bucharest, Romania.
The club’s naming and concept started from the assumption that you can work or relax each of the 700 muscles in your body.
The interior design concept revolves around a powerful contrast: concrete versus technology.
Thus, the design proposal had to fit a very functional environment with cutting edge professional equipment.
PickTwo Studio opted for a chromatic palette and created objects and materials being inspired by the Technogym equipment
but at the same time keeping in mind the functional part of the fitness club.
That is the reason why the interior design studio used raw and grey colours, exposed concrete textures, combined with large glass
walls and energy yellow to brighten up the interior.
The flooring was made entirely with special materials, from LVT tiles in the functional area, to soft shock-absorbing pavement in the weights area.
The SPA and sauna rooms were equipped with wood
pavements for a more natural feel. The ceilings were left uncovered having an industrial looking with a raw iron structure to support
the various equipment and installations.

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