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MEN8 Office Building

MEN8 Office Building

Authors: arh. Alexandru Chinciu, arh. Andrei Cojocaru, arh. Robert Stefan, arh. Lia Nicolescu

Structure project: ing. Victor Badea (SC AVZ Design Grup SRL)
plumbing: Ing. Alexandru Maxim, ing. Adrian Knappe (SC Maxart Engineering SRL)
Builder: SC MaySof Development SRL
Client: SC MaySof Development SRL

Authors’ Comment

When we say office building, usually the thought leads us to glass facades, a single volume with various accents, various sets of glass and accessories. But when the site is in a protected area and another building with another function is located next to the land, then the answer must be slightly different from the classic one.
Being an ad-on, the main goal of the project is to integrate into the landscape, reinterpreting aesthetic elements present in the existing building to create a uniform and non-aggressive street image.
The glass has been replaced with various cladding of raw materials, the balconies are completed with green spaces and the result is a building that integrates into the existing aesthetics of the street.

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