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Saint Gregory the Theologian Church, Alexandria

Saint Gregory the Theologian Church, Alexandria

Authors: arh. Cosmin Pavel, arh. Cristina Constantin

Structure project: ing. Mihai Viuleț (Metropolis Construct)
Pictura: Andrei Mușat, Astrid Mușat
Mobilier: ”Peștele Fierăstrău” & Andrei Bălan

Authors’ Comment


A "house" tailored to a community, whether it exists or is about to come together. But how can you build a wooden church here, in the south of the country? An elongated nave with a polygonal altar. A tower next to it, the bell tower above and the porch and entrance below. From the street, you can barely see the tower. Among the trees, the church looks like just a house with log structure and a large roof covered with shingles. Its beauty is revealed inside and has little to do with architecture.

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