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ANASPED Headquarters

ANASPED Headquarters

Authors: arh. Sergiu - Cătălin Petrea, arh. Cristina Pintilie, arh. Sabrina Ene - Butnariu, arh. Sebastian - Ștefan Apostol, arh. Tania - Victoria Băncilă, arh. Dan - Alexandru Roșu, arh. Diana - Elena Neagoe
Firm: TECTO arhitectura

Photo: Cristian Atudoroae & TECTO arhitectura

Authors’ Comment

The new headquarters of a transportation company located in the North of Moldova, near Suceava, represents a unique set of buildings for a function of this kind, especially the administrative building - offices, detailed in this project. From a volumetric and architectural point of view, we followed two main directions: the continuous connection with nature, both outside and inside, and integrating in a contemporary way the chromatics that define the clients' brand. Materials such as wood, natural stone, fiber cement, concrete, glass, aluminum façade cladding are found in almost all spaces that define the building, and come together in a unitary and harmonious way under the light that bathes the central atrium.

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