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ELEV8 Residence

ELEV8 Residence

Authors: arh. Alexandru Chinciu, arh. Andrei Cojocaru, arh. Robert Ștefan, arh. Alexandru Minciu

Structure project: ing. Anca Vlădescu

Authors’ Comment

"Parking on the ground floor, suspended gardens, simple volume and color accents meant to take you out of everyday life. These would be the strengths of this proposed loft on the outskirts of Bucharest, for dynamic people who want to live in a unique complex. .. "
This is what the real estate promotion text for this simple project would sound like, which is, in fact, the result of a single non-modifying requirement: no underground parking. And then, how do you link 3 volumes between them, if the whole land is covered with cars? The urban tile, so contested, can sometimes come to your aid. When you add plenty of green space, and light gaps for parking, the urban slab turns into a suspended garden, rising above the agitation from the ground.

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