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Moxy Bucharest Downtown

Moxy Bucharest Downtown

Authors: arh. Ivona Amariței, arh. Eliza Yokina, arh. Ioana Secărea, arh. Cristian Voinea, arh. Andrada Tărău, arh. Magda Vieriu, arh. Andrei Cumpănășoiu
Firm: Cumulus

plumbing: WSP
Structure project: Profesional Construct
Project Management: Optim Project Management
Client: Apex Alliance
Photo: Radu Matei și Moise Bogdan

Authors’ Comment

Moxy is the most Instagram-able international brand hotel and the newest three-star brand of the Marriott international hotel chain that enjoys great success and attention in the world. Moxy Bucharest is the first Moxy hotel developed in Romania, in the historical center of Bucharest, in an existing building.
The brand standard is designed to offer a very high efficiency but also a hotel design approach. The brand addresses a target group defined as the generation of millennials, an attractive space of fun and interaction with its urban style, playful, smart, efficient, and comfortable at the same time. The brand attracts a much wider audience than the target audience.
The entire design is in the style defined by Marriott as industrial chic. The public spaces have the atmosphere of a living room in which the specific daily areas flow naturally and without limits: the reception area, the meeting room, the bar, the dining area, the area intended for work and the one open for fun. Goodwill and creativity are instigated by strong visual expression, based on artwork, music, media screens, playful furniture and personalized warm lights, all combined in an effervescent unity that creates the sensation of a fascinating bubble of good cheer, freedom and fun.
The project consists of the functional conversion of an existing building from the ‘60s located on Doamnei Street number 17-19, from an office building into a three-star brand hotel. The project was concerned with the complete consolidation of the building with a partial demolition and the reconstruction of a segment of the building. Redevelopment and rehabilitation as well as the restoration of the facilities from scratch ensure that the new building reflects the standard of quality and safety imposed by the brand. The design process involves, in addition to project-specific steps, the integration of interventions into specific international Marriott standards for safety, interior design and material clarity, and compliance with the ambience brand book.
At the same time, the concept provides original elements specific to each hotel through a theme chosen by the architect and approached in design, in this case the story chosen was Miorița, a Romanian story told for visitors in a new way, through art and styling elements. Thus, the interior design also provides a collaboration with local artists for the ambiance of certain areas with murals.

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