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Duplex Emerald

Duplex Emerald

Authors: arh. Andrei Cojocaru, arh. Veronica Cojocaru

Confectii metalice si mobilier: SC Schnell Constructii SRL
Finisaje pardoseli: Vaalbara Industries
Tapet: Elegance Decor

Authors’ Comment

Arranged on 2 levels, the design proposed is an eclectic one, defined by terms (currently untranslatable word-by-word) such as collected and curated. The backbone of the space is a staircase, designed as a mini art gallery, in which the pieces exhibited together with the staircase itself create an image and an artistic route that will delight the viewer. Arrangement harmonizes and complements art objects and antiques found themselves as design pieces, beyond their quality as exhibits. The space is a fluid, open and bright one in which the functions are arranged without being clearly delimited, the aesthetic and the functional working together in creating a warm and welcoming home. The chosen finishes are natural, in a warm chromatic range, the desire being to create a unitary space, with smooth and harmonious transitions in which art and love for antiques and plants to be highlighted and spectacular design sequences.

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