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Authors: Vladimir Paun Vrapciu, Vasile Țelea
Firm: Wright Developmant

Authors’ Comment

The single-family house, P+1E, located on a plot of 320m2, SCD=225m2. The idea of ​​this project starts from the word "Levitation" from the urgent need for an extremely important architectural space for the comfort of the tenant, in relation to the residential space, namely the space of the designed parking spaces, built in accordance with the urban regulations! In the last 30 years, the automotive industry, through studies, have come to the conclusion that cars are no longer manufactured and sold for a family, but for an individual! And from one car per housing unit, we ended up needing 3 parking plăcea for a housing unit! This project, this architectural solution, tries to find a way to solve this extremely urgent problem of the current housing space! Comfort must be solved from all points of view! The car and the parking space are important components of the tenant's life and comfort!
……. Nothing in life without architecture and art, and in everything, architecture and art!